About Us

Frank for Mayor is an alternative rock band based out of Mechanicville, New York – formed by a group of guys that have been friends since high school. Their lineup consists of:

Tyler Treacy – Guitar 1 / Bass / Vocals (Tyler@frankformayor.com)

John Noonan – Guitar A / Keyboards / Vocals (John@frankformayor.com)

Will Houle РBass  guitar / Backup vocals (Webmaster@frankformayor.com)

Josh Ricci – Drums / Percussion (Josh@frankformayor.com)


Frank for Mayor is very much a passion project for everyone involved. We use our limited free time to try and create music that we love and enjoy. This website is just another avenue for us to attempt and share this music we created with anyone else who might enjoy it as well.


For booking requests/information please contact FFMSupport@frankformayor.com. For website-related issues/inquires please contact the Webmaster.